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About us

Hangzhou Linkqueen Water Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer to produce high quality piping fittings for water treatment system and fire fighting pipe line system, key products are stainless steel (including Duplex and super duplex for desalination) flexible coupling for roll and cut groove pipelines, grooved pipe fittings, High anti-corrosion plastic couplings,DI rigid and flexible coupling, Eblow, Mechanical Tee and Cross, Reducers, Cap and so on. We are the only supplier from China who can produce Rolled groove flexible couplings for Pipeline SCH10, and got patents.


Production Range:

1)OD 20MM-300MM Stainless steel couplings

2)OD 20MM-200MM Plastic flexible couplings

3) OD 20MM-500MM Ductile Iron flexible couplings

4) OD 20MM-500MM other grooved piping fittings


Production technical and standard:

The design and manufacture are according to international first-class standards .The testing is in compliance with American Standard ANSI/AWWA and China National Standard GB5135; Metal and sealing materials are in compliance with American Standard. The sealing material of potable water system meets American Standard ANSI/NSF 61 and China National Hygiene Standard

GB/T 17219.


Production Equipments:

Linkqueen Company has the most advanced Electric furnace smelting equipment, injecting and waxing workshop, stainless steel casting workshop, ductile iron molding and cast workshop, surface finish workshop and so on. At the same time, our mold developing department continues to launch new products to meet the different requirements from customers, to ensure the structure and the properties of the product meet with customers' satisfaction.


Production process:

Stainless steel couplings produced by the international advanced Medium temperature silicasol dewaxing precision casting. Ductile iron couplings and fitting produced by high pressure molding method. All processes meet with international standards.

After years effort, LQUEEN couplings and fittings are sold to all over the words, and widely used in industrial construction and water treatment piping systems:

Municipal drinking water treatment, wastewater reuse, seawater desalination, industrial ultra pure water treatment, RO water treatment, water supply and drainage, HVAC, fire fighting, oil pipeline systems;

Pipeline system in subway station, train station, airport, harbor, bridge, tunnel and so on.

Industrial piping system of ship, mining, oil, chemical industry, electric power, textile, papermaking, food and beverage, etc.


Linkqueen company always runs with rigorous and innovative management, always works hard for high quality and competitive products.



Contact: Chunqin Lu

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Email: sales@linkqueen-water.com

Add: 5 Floor No.5 Bld. Linding Rd, Hangzhou, 310021 Zhejiang China

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